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Project Description

An Office 2007 Addin (currently limited to Powerpoint) which allows you to syntax format content (C#, Php, SQL, XML, etc) in your slides. Great for code examples on slides.

Leverages the Actipro CodeHighlighter (

What it does

This Addin enables language syntax coloring for text selections within Powerpoint. Given a text selection (slide, text box or highlighted block of text), the text will be transformed using the syntax coloring rules of the selected language.


Install the Addin by double clicking on the VTSO file from the release page at


Once the Addin is installed, from within Powerpoint you should see additional buttons on the Addins menu. From left to right, these are:
  • C# - format current selection using C# rules
  • XML – format current selection using XML rules
  • SQL – format current selection using SQL rules
  • Other – format current selection using “other” (in the example you’ll see HTML is selected)



Customization of the current selected “other” language is achieved by clocking on the down arrow below the “Other” button. This will list the set of configured languages and allow you to change the selection. Simply click on the new language you want to use when clicking on the other button.



There are three modes for selecting text.
  1. Slide – simply select a target slide in the slide list. The Addin will scan the slide and format the first text box (skipping the title) that it finds.
  2. Text Box – select the border of a text box
  3. Custom – highlight the target text

Future Items

The following features are not currently supported:
  • Generalize Addin to support other Office applications (Word, Outlook, etc)
  • Consider better button and keyboard accelerator bindings for actions (perhaps Format menu, etc)
  • Customization of Addin:
    • Tab width
    • Setup of configured languages
    • Favorite languages (rather than C#, XML and SQL )
    • Indentation auto-format – currently the syntax formatting control backing the project does not support indentation formatting. Would be nice to auto-format text ala Visual Studio

More details and the latest release can be found at

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